Community Workshop

On June 16th, 2011 the City of Paso Robles, in partnership with SvR Design Company and the Central Coast LIDI, hosted the Paso Robles Complete Green Street Workshop. Participants attended from throughout the Central Coast region, and included municipal staff, private consultants, and staff from non-governmental institutions. Resources from the workshop, including slideshow presentations with speakers notes, documents prepared for the 21st Street project and general information on complete and green streets are provided below.

Paso Robles 21st Street Complete, Green Street

Project Info

location:  Paso Robles

Address:  21st Street (Vine St. to Riverside Ave.)

LID Strategies:  bioretention channel, bioretention rain gardens, pervious pavers, structural soil

contact:  Matt Thompson, City of Paso Robles, 805.227.7200

Consultants:  SvR Design Company, Cannon

Schedule:  Construction in 2012

21st Street is a commercial and residential street near the Paso Robles Event Center, home of the California Mid-State Fair. The street was established decades ago in a natural drainageway. A large area of west Paso Robles is tributary to 21st Street. Stormwater cannot infiltrate due to excessive paving. Large storms flood the street, cause erosion, and create traffic hazards. The City would like to upgrade five contiguous blocks of 21st Street, between Vine Street and Riverside Avenue, to a green/complete street that meets several objectives, including:

  1. Reduce the volume and intensity of stormwater runoff;

  2. Increase groundwater recharge;

  3. Improve pedestrian and bicyclist mobility;

  4. Improve community health and reduce air pollution;

  5. Shade the street with trees; and

  6. Promote infill and redevelopment.

The City envisions a linear park-like street with narrow roadways, bike lanes, pervious sidewalks, park benches, natural drainage features, multiple shade trees, and storyboards explaining the design for the public. The street would be a unique local example of how green design can provide multiple community benefits. It would help the City educate the development community and design professionals about green streets, and inform City efforts to change its storm drain master plan into a green streets master plan.

Street section with center channel

21st Street existing conditions along the corridor

Birds eye view of proposed green, complete street

21st Street Concept plan