We support the vision of healthy watersheds through the implementation of LID design principles, hydromodification controls, and sustainable development throughout the Central Coast region.


Green/Complete Street Standards

Streets comprise the greatest amount of impervious area within the municipal boundaries and contribute the largest runoff volumes and pollutants loads. Development of Green/Complete Streets Standards can help municipalities address water quality regulations and community livability objectives. Understanding opportunities to improve upon conventional street designs can be a starting point for implementing Green/Complete objectives.

Green/Complete Street Design Elements is a guidance matrix and checklist created for LIDI to support design improvements for new and retrofit streets to meet natural resource and community sustainability objectives.

Engineering Standards and Specifications for Green/Complete Streets

Green/Complete Street Standards (Standards) were created for the Central Coast Region cities of Gonzales, King, Salinas, and Soledad. Funded in part by a Proposition 84 Stormwater Grant, the work was a collaboration between the municipalities, the State Water Resources Control Board, the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA), and the Central Coast Low Impact Development Initiative (LIDI). Below is a memo describing the overall effort, a matrix that illustrates the unique considerations used to develop standards for each city, and links to the actual Green/Complete Street Standards in both PDF and DWG format.  Additional LID standard details are located here.

 Green/Complete Streets Memo

Gonzales Road Sections PDF

Gonzales Road Sections DWG

King City Road Sections PDFs

King City Road Sections DWG

Salinas Road Sections PDF

Salinas Road Sections DWG

Soledad Road Sections PDF

Soledad Road Sections DWG

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