We support the vision of healthy watersheds through the implementation of LID design principles, hydromodification controls, and sustainable development throughout the Central Coast region.




For answers to frequently asked questions about LID, developed in partnership with CASQA, click here.


LID Details and Specifications

LID Bioretention Guidance

LID Plant Guidance for Bioretention

LID Parking Lots

LID Plant List

Site Soil Infiltration Testing

Bioretention Soil Media

Green/Complete Street Design Elements


Best Practices for Bioretention and Overflow Structures

LID for Contractors and Developers Technical Assistance Memo

Central Coast Vendor List for Bioretention

Bioretention Construction Inspection Checklist (courtesy of City of Hollister)

Municipal Codes and Ordinances

Green/Complete Street Design Elements

Municipal Landscape Code Gap Analysis Tool (PDF)

Municipal Landscape Code Gap Analysis Tool (Word)

Economics of LID

Reducing Stormwater Costs Through LID

A Triple Bottom Line Assessment

The Economics of Low Impact Development

Municipal Stormwater Program Assessment and Prioritization

MS4 Catchment Delineation and Attribute Guidance

General LID


LIDI works in collaboration with the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA), including providing LID resources on their LID Portal. There is a wealth of material located on their site, including technical, economic, and regulatory information, and training opportunities. The LID Portal is relatively new, but contains some key resources, which are constantly being updated.

The Low Impact Development Manual for Southern California: Technical Guidance and Site Planning Strategies

The California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) BMP Handbook for New Development and Redevelopment

Contra Costa Clean Water Program C3 Guidebook

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