We support the vision of healthy watersheds through the implementation of LID design principles, hydromodification controls, and sustainable development throughout the Central Coast region.


Landscape-Related Municipal Codes for LID

LID practices and principles emphasize the protection of natural vegetated areas and the use of structural controls such as bioretention that mimic the natural, pre-development landscape. Municipal codes can support LID implementation. LIDI has developed a GAP Analysis Tool to evaluate areas of municipal code that may require modifications to support LID and a bioretention plant list. Examples of municipal code updates are also provided on this page.

Municipal Code Gap Analysis

There are often several locations within the municipal code and ordinance structure where there exists landscape-related language that influences implementation of vegetated LID practices such as bioretention.LIDI created a Gap Analysis Tool to help municipalities identify and prioritize LID updates with a focus on landscape-related section of municipal code.The document below contains a worksheet and guidance to support use.

Municipal Landscape Code Gap Analysis Tool (PDF)

Municipal Landscape Code Gap Analysis Tool (Word)

Bioretention Plant List

Updating municipal plant lists to reflect plants appropriate for bioretention or other vegetated stormwater management facilities can support successful LID implementation. LIDI has created a bioretention plant list that includes plants that are native, drought-resistant and can tolerate periodic stormwater inundation. Read more about bioretention plant design including the LIDI plant list.

California Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (AB 1881)

Municipalities are required to either adopt, or create an equivalent to, the State’s Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (AB 1881).In some cases, this ordinance provides an opportunity to address both water conservation and LID objectives related to landscape.

Sample document – City of Watsonville Draft Water-Efficient Landscape Standards and Requirements

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