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Fire Station No. 2 Downspout Reroute, City of San Luis Obispo

Technical Items Provided



This project design provides capture, treatment, and infiltration of stormwater roof runoff from City of San Luis Obispo Fire Station No. 2. The existing roof downspout discharges runoff directly onto the fire station driveway where runoff migrates beneath the concrete slab driveway causing collection of stormwater. This adversely impacts the structural integrity and function of the driveway.

The existing downspout provides an opportunity to convey runoff to a bioretention facility. The footprint of the bioretention facility is defined by the existing landscape planter area. The available space in the existing landscape planter exceeds the amount needed to manage the 85th percentile, 24-hour storm event runoff from the roof. Therefore, the actual stormwater management volume infiltrated and treated will be higher.

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