We support the vision of healthy watersheds through the implementation of LID design principles, hydromodification controls, and sustainable development throughout the Central Coast region.


City of Hollister: 4th Street Green Lite Project



The west end of 4th Street (which encompasses five blocks from Line Street to Monterey Street) is an arterial street with two total travel lanes and parking zones on both sides of the street. For many years, cars have parked along 4th Street in an unsafe manner by driving over the existing street curb to create more room for passing vehicles in the street’s travel lanes. In addition, 4th Street has very wide travel lanes and large amounts of impervious area within the right-of-way with a lack of stormwater infrastructure to manage rainfall events.

The City of Hollister is addressing these issues by improving the aesthetics of this street as an important entrance corridor, investigating the potential of installing bike lanes along the street, and managing stormwater using Green Infrastructure strategies to support watershed processes fundamental to receiving water health. Green Infrastructure improvements would support urban greening, address the heat island effect, promote a safer, more livable community and protect water resources.

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